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Computer Network Wiring and Setup

If you need a wireless or wired computer network for you business or home, we are here to help you set up perfectly working intranet, extranet and internet computer networks. Our computer network installations facilitate easier and faster transfer of data to and from identified sources of information or sources of data. We have highly specialized equipment for all your network installation needs. The equipment we use are designed specifically for either wireless installations or installations that employ the use of cables to facilitate the transfer of data from one point to the other. We offer both corporate and simple home computer network installations to suit the needs of our customers. There are various types of cables used in a computer network depending on the use a computer is put into. Our team of experts advice our clients on the right type of cable to use depending on the type of computer network they want to set up or the total amount of space available for the installation.

Services offered by our company during computer installations:

Computer network selection. Setting up the right type of computer network is essential in identifying the most effective way to convey and transfer data. Our computer network installation experts advice our clients on the most appropriate and effective computer network to set up in order to achieve the desired results.

Selecting appropriate type of cabling to use. There are various cables used in computer networking. We help our clients identify the best cabling equipment they should use in setting up computer networks. We also help them choose the most appropriate cables that complement their budget.

Setting up data points. Data points are the stationary locations found either on floors or walls that networking cables are connected to so that they can access the required computer network. Data points are an essential part in our computer networking process that cannot be overlooked.

Networking equipment selection. There are various types of equipment required to set up wireless computer networks. Our technicians advice clients on the most effective and efficient equipment to use.

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